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2D ultrasound

The on-screen images are moving in real time, but are flat and black and white. 2D ultrasounds are normally performed in hospitals for fetal diagnosis. For parents it is at times difficult to recognize the figure of their baby in these images.

3D ultrasound

This type of ultrasound is used in Gynecology since the late 80s and early 90s. Offers better resolution and sharpness of the image of the baby. It shows a static image in three dimensions of the fetus and its structures, with a more crisp color than the black and white of the traditional ultrasound.

4D ultrasound

Ultrasound in four dimensions is the latest in technology, it’s a video of the ultrasound of the fetus inside the womb. It looks like an ultrasound in 3D but recorded and seen in real time. 4D Ultrasound shows the fetus in real movement, and you can see for example if your baby sucks it’s thumb, makes facial gestures, yawns, plays with the umbilical cord or if it’s arms or legs are moving.

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Best Moments for an Ultrasound

In Ecobaby we perform ultrasound from the first weeks of pregnancy until the last moment before delivery. The different moments of the pregnancy allow parents to see different aspects of their baby.
In Ecobaby we don’t work with packages or plans, we want to make sure all parents have a great experience getting to know their baby. We put in all of our resources to obtain the best quality video and images, according to the moment or moments of the pregnancy when the ultrasound takes place.
Here we have a guide of the best moments to have the sessions, depending on what you want to see of your baby, to get the best results.


If you want an action filled session, where the movement of the baby and capturing a great video are the focus, between week 20 and week 24 the baby has all the room to move their arms, kick, yawn, stretch and change position.

Close Up!

The final weeks of the pregnancy are ideal to catch the best photos of your baby’s face, when they are cooperative.This is the perfect time for a grand close up and to have a memento of this stage that will last a lifetime.

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