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Sessions & Pricing

All of our sessions include a full medical and diagnostic examination, and a report that you can take to your doctor to evaluate the well-being of your baby. Sessions last about 40 minutes and include the print photo of your baby, the DVD with the video of the session, and a CD with all the digital images.

2D Ultrasound Session

If you can’t wait to get to know your baby, offer the best solution for the first weeks of pregnancy. Traditional 2D ultrasound with medical diagnostics report

Gender Confirmation

A partir de la semana 16 podemos determinar el sexo de tu bebé con una ecografía tradicional en 2D y se puede combinar con ecografía 3D y 4D a partir de la semana 20.

3D-4D Ultrasound Session

Si quieres tener un momento único y especial con tu bebé, una sesión de ecografía 3D y 4D es perfecto para tu familia.

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Multiple Sessions

Many parents want to have as many mementos of their pregnancy as possible. In Ecobaby we understand the desire to see your baby grow and develop until birth. We want to encourage parents to have as many sessions as they want, by offering discounts on the purchase of multiple sessions.

Ideal Moments: 2 Sessions

For parents who want the best of both worlds, ideal moments is the perfect group of sessions, consisting of one ultrasound at weeks 20-24 to see the body and movement of the baby with a larger emphasis, and a second session between weeks 32 and 36 to get the best still shots of their face.

Price $350.000

Step by Step: 3 Sessions

The Step by step sessions are 3 sessions that can be distributed throughout the pregnancy in each trimester or at the times you prefer.

Price $500.000

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