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Ecobaby de Colombia: Prenatal ultrasound, photo and video

It is normal for future parents to feel excited about the prospect of their first ultrasound, but many of them feel disappointed when all they see is a grey and blurry silhouette. This is due to the 2D standard in medical ultrasound, used to see the inner organs of the baby and of vital importance for medical diagnosis. Through 3D and 4D ultrasound you can see the skin of your baby, instead of their organs, you can see the shape of his face and features. You might even be able to catch them yawning or sticking out their tongue. In Ecobaby you and your close friends and family can share the experience of meeting your baby in a comfortable and cozy environment, under the care of specialized medical professionals.

Con la Ecografía 3D y 4D puedes ver la piel de tu bebé en lugar de sus órganos, puedes ver la forma de su cara y sus rasgos, tal vez lo puedas ver incluso bostezando o sacando la lengua.

En Ecobaby tu y tus familiares más cercanos pueden compartir la experiencia de ver a tu bebé en un ambiente cómodo y acogedor, bajo el cuidado de profesionales médicos especializados en Ecografía.

Obstetric Ultrasound

Traditional obstetric ultrasound in 2D is the staple method for control and diagnosis throughout the pregnancy. Every time you come to a 3D-4D session we will perform a full and detailed medical assessment of your baby. If we were to find any issues, both you and your physician will be informed.

Photo and Video

3D images and 4D video create a special bond between the parents and the baby in a special way that is difficult to attain with traditional ultrasound. After your session, you can take home print photographs and a DVD with your video.

3D and 4D Ultrasound

3D ultrasound shows still images or photographs or you baby in 3 Dimensions. 4D Ultrasound shows moving images or video of the 3D images. The timeline is the 4th Dimension. 3D and 4D ultrasound is a great tool to establish a bond with your baby.

Products and Gifts

In Ecobaby we also have a wide selection of products for mother and baby. Gifts, portrait holders and accessories. We have specialty items that will help you prepare for the arrival of your baby.

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Our team

The team in Ecobaby is made up of medical specialists, who handle this technique with the utmost respect, professionalism and accuracy. All of our doctors are specialists, certified in ultrasound techniques by the best university programs in our country, with additional training in 3D and 4D ultrasound. Our Support team is available to book your appointment, answer your questions before the day of your seesion, and assist in any way possible in achieving your memorable moment with your baby.

Nuestro equipo de apoyo está disponible para agendar tu cita, resolver tus dudas antes del día de tu ecografía y ayudarte a conseguir un momento memorable con tu bebé.

Our facilities

In Ecobaby we offer future parents a quiet, comfortable and family oriented space where they can have a memmorable encouunter with their baby. We are in no rush to finish your session, and the whole family is welcome in the exam room. Older siblings, grandparents and other members of the family can share this wonderful experience with the baby’s parents.

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